College Preparation


At International Academy of Flint (IAF), our goal is to prepare students for entry into the finest colleges and universities around the world and for a lifetime of continuous learning. Therefore, from age 5 through grade 12, all "eyes are on the prize." Obviously, a substantial portion of the college application process is anticipating the college application process. This may seem to be an unnecessary statement to make; however, academic institutions--especially independent schools--cannot presume that because post-secondary education sequentially follows secondary education, the curriculum, staff, students, and parents are likewise geared toward college and its application process. At International Academy of Flint, it is imperative to our educational system that we teach students and parents to anticipate the college application and acceptance process as early as upon entry to IAF.


Early Childhood - The first steps of learning

A high-quality, all day kindergarten encourages children to develop a healthy attitude toward education and prepares them for life-long learning.

Lower School, Grades 1-6 - A solid foundation

Young students thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations and ongoing emotional and academic support.

Upper School, Grades 7-12 - The Road to College

It is in the Upper School that the formal college-preparatory training begins. Upper School curriculum offers a balance of coursework in the humanities, mathematics, and sciences. Students develop abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills. These higher-level thinking skills are considered vital to the learning process at IAF and are emphasized in all disciplines. IAF's core curriculum of math, English, and World Language (Spanish) automatically addresses many of the course requirements for most colleges, but we offer our students opportunities to look beyond their campus and into the community for ways they can contribute.

Our school offers organizational management, test taking strategies, time management and leadership training included in advising courses throughout the years. Quality arts, vocal and instrumental music offerings, varsity and junior varsity sports, clubs and activities to creating opportunities for developing well-rounded students.


In addition, to our library of college catalogs and computer resources, IAF has formal classroom college preparation opportunities. Students begin early college-preparatory "thinking" in grade 7, but the formal advising begins in grade 8 during a weekly class in which students begin their EDP (Educational Development Plans) which they continue to work on throughout their High School career. Their EDP prompts students to research many different careers and the education path that is required to reach them. This 5 year program culminates in a “Senior Exit Presentation” in the spring of their senior year.

As part of the college preparatory program, our students are constantly preparing for college entrance exams. All 9th graders take the PSAT 8/9 and 10th graders take the PSAT/10 in the spring, while 11th graders take PSAT in the fall one last time, all in preparation for the SAT that all Juniors sit for in the spring of their junior year. For students who wish to also sit for the ACT, waivers are available so they can take it free of cost.

By the time our students have completed their 12th grade year, they have taken four years of English and math, 2 years of world language (Spanish), three years of science and social studies, two years of art, two years of physical education, and two years of computers during their High School education. Many of our students take AP courses in their junior and senior years as most colleges like to see that the applicant has taken a challenging course of study in high school and has attempted to "stretch him or herself."

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